HOME: Stephanie Carroll

"I went to church just to stop her from asking me anymore"

HOME: Shawn Luhmann

"My family all joined church but i was stubborn and stayed home"

HOME: The Brunken Family

"No hard sell...just sincere conversation"

HOME: Destiny Parmenter

"My dad was emotionally abusive and fed off of my gave me anxiety & depression"

HOME: The Thomas'

"It started my transition from a miserable fake Christian to a person who understands what it's like to be wrapped in the love of Christ"

My Story: The Mann's

"They welcomed us right away and

treated us like normal people"

My Story: The Kerber's

"After the death of our son, I needed to know if there was an afterlife"

My Story: Deborah Lewis

"Your 'status' may have changed, and you may be a divorced woman, but you are still God's woman." 

My Story: The Donnelley's

"As an RN for over 3 decades...I didn't think he would make it through the night...But I just knew that with the Lord, anything is possible"

My Story: Katie

"I dealt with depression and didn't know how to handle it"

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Palm Canyon Church

Sundays 9a & 11a
25550 Ironwood Avenue, Moreno Valley, CA 92557 | Phone: 951.247.2273 | Fax: 951.243.1197 |