Bill joined the movement @ Palm Canyon in 2000. Bill has been a pastor since 1983 serving churches in Denver, New Orleans, the San Francisco bay area before moving to world-famous Moreno Valley, CA. Bill has been married to his bride Cindy since 1982 and together they have 2 adult children (although it didn’t start that way) - a son (Wes) and daughter (Carrie) and a toy poodle named Romeo. Bill is an Ohio State fan having graduated with a B.S. degree in Production & Operations Management in 1982. He also graduated with a Master of Divinity degree specializing in New Testament & preaching in 1993 from Denver Seminary. In addition to ministry Bill loves to work out, loves to travel and loves to eat. His favorite food is anything seafood; really anything “food." Though he doesn’t have the official union card, many would consider Bill a professional “buffet-er” (which may be the reason he has to work out). Our guess is that several cruise lines have Bill’s picture as an example of a cruise passenger they lose money on. Bill’s kids would consider him to be a cheapskate, but Bill prefers to be labeled as a “good steward of what God has entrusted to him.” He does have an exceptional ability to find the best travel and cruise deals. But when it comes to ministry, Bill is passionate about blowing up traditional church stereotypes and communicating (with OK humor and very good theology) the Bible in such a way that anyone could understand it and know what to do with it in their life.



Carrie joined the movement at Palm Canyon in 2012 as the Creative Arts Director. She's been involved with music ministries at PC3 since jr high. She started by playing drums in the jr high band and continued from there to serve with the high school band, The Rock ’n Faith kids band, VBS band, and adult band. She’s even got a lot of dance and drama experience, too. Carrie graduated from California Baptist University with a Bachelors in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance. She leads with her voice but drums is her main instrument. She's married to her awesome, multi-instrument-and singing-talented husband Adam since May 2013 and on July, 25, 2017 they had their beautiful daughter Eleanor Rose.
Aside from ministry she loves to work out, eat sushi, cruise, and line dance (or any other type of dance). She also loves her some Denver Broncos, being born in the mile high city. She's passionate about bringing people into God's presence with powerful, intense, God-honoring, ROCKIN' music. She's fed up with people thinking that "worship music" is subpar and boring. Carrie wants to show that getting fired up, getting loud, raising hands and showing excitement is not just something we do at sporting events. Being a Christ-follower is exciting and should get that "holy adrenaline" pumping through your veins.



Jacob started attending Palm Canyon in 2007 and became the Student Ministries Pastor in August 2014. He's in his twenties, but if you ask some of his students they believe he’s “like 36-years-old.” That must have something to do his budding “greyness." Jacob has been married to his beautiful wife Katie since June 2012 and they have two children, Noelle and Nathan.
Jacob graduated from California Baptist University in 2012 with a B.A. degree in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Youth Ministry. He loves to work with students but besides that he loves to spend way too much time at the gym trying to look buffer than his younger brother Jason. He loves sports and is a big-time Dodgers fan. He played baseball, basketball and he says he ran cross country, which is pretty hard to believe because he doesn’t do any cardio these days. He drives an awesome red Mustang which looks really fast, but in reality it’s just for show… kinda like his muscles. Jacob is extremely passionate about student ministry and loves to develop students who love God, love one another and love to make disciples.



Cindy joined the transforming movement @ PC3 in 2000 alongside of her husband Bill. Cindy has been serving in children ministries since she was 12 years old, starting in the Nursery. Cindy and Bill's son, Wes, is active in music ministry in Modesto and their daughter, Carrie, is the Creative Arts/Worship Leader at PC3. She loves to decorate, loves fashion, cleaning (seriously), working out and traveling. Oh...and COFFEE! (Like she needs that!) Cindy is a pastor's kid and then married a pastor! That’s crazy!
Cindy's greatest joy is seeing children come to know and love Christ. She says, "seeing children understand the Bible on their level and talk about coming back to church all week long ROCKS!” Taking the easy route to teaching the Bible is NOT acceptable in her mind; teaching the Bible in a way that is forever imprinted on their heart and minds... is what is rewarding to her and it's her gifting.
Beginning children ministries from the ground up is another thing she enjoys doing. Cindy also loves helping people find their spiritual gifts, passion and fit in ministry. Her spiritual gifts are, teaching, creative communication and leadership. Over the years she has been involved in a variety of ministries including many years with inner-city ministry to children and their families, public school partnering, Bus Ministry, Director/Administrator & Pastor of Children's Ministry in Cleveland, OH, Denver, CO, New Orleans, LA, Merced, CA, Fremont, CA and now Moreno Valley, CA., State of Ohio Denominational Children's Director, Conference Speaker on Children's Ministry and Bus Ministry over the years. Worship leader and keyboard player.

I’m thanking you, God , from a full heart, I’m writing the book on your wonders. I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy; I’m singing your song, High God.
Psalm 9:1‭-‬2 MSG



Leslie joined the transforming movement at PC3 in 2010. Leslie has a Bacherlors Degree in Applied Mathematics with a concentration in Economics and a Minor in Business Administration as well as a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Leslie is "type A" personality to the max which makes her perfect for the job and wins her the office title of "the boss". 

Leslie and her husband host "the world's greatest PC LifeGroup" and have two children, Lucy and Jack. She met her husband CJ, at Palm Canyon's Youth Group in 2001 and were married in 2006. She is the shortest staff member at 5'3" yet the tallest woman on her dad's Japanese side of the family. Leslie is one of PC3's keyboardists, vocalist and most punctual band member. Carrie is her favorite co-worker due to the Panera Bread and Starbucks that she brings to the office. She's passionate about keeping things organized and running properly which makes office life great for those who work around her.  She may look young, but is a force to be reckoned with. 

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