Money Saving Tip #4

February 24, 2018

Keep track of your product warranties.

 I'm not necessarily advocating the purchase of "extended" warranties, but keep track of the manufacturer's warranty. 



Cindy and I purchased a kitchen sink faucet about 12 years ago (not cheap) and it recently started dripping when shut off.  I took pictures of the item and emailed the manufacturer's customer service department.  They emailed me today stating that the item has a lifetime warranty and they were shipping me the replacement cartridge that will fix it for free.  Also, our Quickset front door handle broke a few months ago.  We've priced a new one and they cost at least $75+.  While shopping for a replacement we saw that what we already have has a lifetime warranty.  I called them today, emailed pictures and they're sending me a brand new one at no charge.  Those 2 things alone will save me lots of $$$.

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