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More than anything, PCYouth is about the Gospel. The vision of PCYouth is to reach students far from God and teach them to follow Jesus step by step. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our outreach nights where we want students to come from anywhere and everywhere to hear about Jesus and understand who He is, maybe for the first time in their life. Through practical and easy to understand messages every week, we want to teach students to understand what the Bible is teaching. Every Tuesday or Wednesday, they'll learn how to live as a Christ-Follower. 


PC believes "you can't do life alone", and neither can your student. When your student comes on a Tuesday or Wednesday they'll experience an increible community of students as well as volunteer leaders who passionate about serving. Not only will they experience some pretty exciting and wacky stuff each week with the entire group, they'll also experience LifeGroups! Lifegroups are when we break down into smaller groups divided by grades and gender, with one of our awesome leaders. This is where they can be real about the good, the bad, and their relationship with Jesus. Leaders are mentors and coaches for your students who will love them and accept them NO MATTER WHAT. Students need a judgment free zone to come to and church is the place that.


PCYouth creates an environment where students can bring their friends to a place where they can belong, learn to follow Jesus, and HAVE FUN!! We play some pretty exciting and crazy games every week, have some pretty intense tournaments, and have fun themed nights throughout the year. They can go a little wild, get a little loud, and just goof off. Keep an eye out for some of the fun stuff we have planned, on the calendar we send home with your students. (if it doesn't make it home, you can check online under "events") There's always something to look forward to in PCYouth. 

                     - Jacob Malana


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