Rescue African Children

Uganda, Africa


Mission: Rescue African Children Inc., also known as REACH, is a registered non-profit Ugandan organization originated by Pastor Fred Tumwebaze as a means of rescuing the orphans, street children, and all of the disadvantaged young ones from the suffering of poverty and Aids.  It is the children’s voice. It is the bridge between those that provide support and the children and their families.  It  helps to create income generating projects through supporters to make it easier for a family member in poverty to bring an orphan into their home.

Support a child: Only $20 dollars a month enables REACH to provide a child with school fees, books, a uniform, a hot meal each day while at school, and medical attention. The child is assigned a social worker who is responsible for making sure that child’s needs are met. 
Purchase a cow: Only $500 allows a family to purchase a cow, build a structure for it, and feed it until it begins to produce income.
Purchase a Scooter or Bicycle: Only $1500 dollars enables your family or Pastor to purchase a scooter which provides income through its use as a taxi. Even a bicycle, which can be purchased for $80 dollars, is often used for income generation as a taxi. In the meantime, the child has a bike, which often makes he or she, the richest kid in town.
Read more ways to give: http://rescueafricanchildren.org/how-you-can-help/

Emma Tautolo

Athletes In Action


Mission: Building Spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sport; so that everyone, everywhere, on every team, in every athletic department, knows someone who truly follows Jesus. She BUILDs student-athletes up to strengthen and grow in their faith and help to equip them to multiply their lives

Monthly Financial support pays her salary and her monthly ministry expenses. I also raise special gifts, which go specifically toward the summer opportunities, camps and mission trips that we are assigned to every summer.

Ximo & Judy



Mission: To train and equip pastors throughout Europe, where Christianity is declining. We encourage people, mostly pastors, and give them the opportunity to get to know God in His true nature. We desire to reach whichever people groups, gender, age, or nationality God puts in our path.

Monthly Financial support pays their means to travel throughout Europe and train pastors to reach the community around them. It also provides the pastors with the means to get to their training and be fed.

Luis & Aide

Tijuana, Mexico


Mission: New Generation Ministries was inspired through God’s calling on Luis Salinas’ life to embrace and love on this generation of children who are hurting.  Many boys came to New Generation due to tragic circumstances surrounding their own homes.   Luis came to a realization early on in his ministry that in order to truly impact the lives of this generation, their future, their salvation, it required more than just 2 hours a week in bible study with them.  They are providing not only the physical needs of shelter, clothing and food for them, but most importantly, feeding the spiritual hunger of knowing and loving our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Monthly Financial support pays their means to support 20 young men that live with them.
Check out their site: http://ngministries.com

Unspoken Missionary Family



Mission: This family, parents and small childen, are on the other side of the world in a place that is dangerous for Christians to be evangelizing. Christianity here is almost non-existent and they working to bring the name of Jesus to a place that is desperate for Him. As they spread the word about Jesus, they are forming relationships with the locals and teaching the Bible. 

Monthly Financial support provides for their home, food, and other means to live full time in this country.

David & Yvette



Mission: David and Yvette pastor a small church in a very deprived are of Panama, Cabo Verde. In the middle of many tiny and filthy apartments is their small church where the teach about God and privde meals for about 200 children. Children live in these small apartments, the size of one american bedroom, with sometimes 12 family members living in them. They live in filth, fear, and danger. David & Yvette work to spread the word of God to the desperate community around them.  

$25 provides a meal for 200 children!
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