In October 2019, our goal was $15,000 revamp our parking lot. We raise $18,778 and were able to:

-resealed the parking lot

-fresh lines & curbs

-repair parking lot lights

 -get van accessible parking

-trim trees


Heading 1

COST: $6,000

By paving the area of dirt at the bottom of the stairs, we'll be able to accomplish a couple of goals. The paved area will give our kid's ministry, AWANA, the game square that they need that is located safely next to the building. It'll also open up our main walkway to more space and fresh landscape. The storage shed will help our budget by allowing us to store our own Fall Festival supplies that are currently at a storage shed costing us each month. It will enable us to purchase supplies for other events that we don't have space for.



COST: $2,000

In 2019, $2,000 was donated to build a new stage. The finishing of the project is another $2,000 to put flooring on the stage.

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