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iServe: blessing week

Palm Canyon Church is passionate about serving our community.

No strings attached and no gimmicks. 

Love God and Love Others...It's pretty simple. 

July: Free Giveaway

Every summer we collect things that you no longer use, and give them away to those in need in Moreno Valley. A service team goes to JFK park on July 30th and spends the day BEING the Church, instead of just GOING to Church. It's an incredible project. 


July/August: Backpack & School Supply Drive

Once again we are collecting backpacks and school supplies for Olive Crest Foster Care! Be apart of helping a foster child, or foster family in need, go back to school with everything they need! 


Other ways we love to serve!

Free & Safe Fall Festival

October 31st

FUN & free Summer Activities

for kids!

Some of 2015 iServes:

March: Easter Baskets for special needs group

April: SoCal Day of Hope

May: Clothing drive

June: Care Packages for Nurses

July: Vacation Bible School

August: Free Yard Sale

backpacks for kids in pverty

September: Palm Canyon Church Property

October: Fall Festival

November: Opperation Christmas Child

December: Free Christmas Eve Dinner

June: VBS

           Serving at Imagine Land Vacation Bible School starts this month! Sign up and be apart of a local missions project where we               reach over 200 kids!

May: Police Dept.

     Blessing the local Police Department with gift cards to different places around town. 

February: Tip Your Waiter   

           When you go out to eat this month, tip your waiter or waitress a little extra! Easy, and a great way to serve! 


January: Pay it Forward   

           This month we're paying it forward! Throughout this week, buy someone's meal, or coffee, or maybe some groceries of        

           someone in line by you. We're loving others with no strings attached because Jesus' love has no strings attached.


December: iServe Christmas Eve Dinner

For the second year, we hosted a Christmas Eve Dinner for anyone who was in need or didn't want to spend the holiday alone. We provided a very nice hot meal, presents for all the kids, give-aways for adults, gift-baskets, bicycles, and a night of joy. This was all provided by our Palm Canyon Church family. 

November: iServe Operation Christmas Child

Every November, lots of PC families stuff  hundreds of shoeboxes full of toys and fun items to be shipped all over the world to children who are in need! We send the shoeboxes to Samaritan's Purse, who operates Operation Christmas Child. You can follow this link for more details!

October: iServe FALL FESTIVAL

We think 2016 was our biggest year yet! Our parking lot was packed and lines could've have been any longer. We had so much serving our community with a FREE event that serves over 4,000 people! We love kids at PC Church and we hope your kids had a blast and went home with tons of candy! On this night we're all about FREE, FUN, SAFETY, and SUGAR! Way to go Palm Canyon Church for another successful year!

August/September: iServe Give Away

On August 28th, we provided a FREE give away (a lot like a yard sale) for Moreno Valley. Our church donated clothing, small appliances, furniture, and tons of other awesome items that people might need. There were over 100 people who came by to get stuff, and like every year, it was an incredible experience! 

August: iServe Foster kids

This year we collected 81 backpacks + a bunch of school supplies! It was another huge success. We were able to bless a few families from our own church and still give 73 backpacks to Olive Crest Foster Care. 

81 backpacks

in 2016!

July: iServe VBS

Every July, our iServe Project is Vacation Bible School! July 11-14. 

June: iServe Moses

We were able to purchase Moses a bicycle, complete his support for the year 2017, as well a goat, chicks, and $20 for his Christmas 2016. 

May: iServe by Prayer

 April 22-28 

The week of the 22nd-28th we are serving our community by praying for them. We are encouraging the church to find a spot in the community, whether it's your school, kid's school, your place of employment, the mall, your neighborhood, a church...etc. and we just want you to pray! Pray for the people who come around that area, pray for the people who might work there, for those driving by, and for God to have His will and His presence there. Pray for God to intervene and show those people His love and his mighty power. Wherever you chose, just simply pray. 

April: iServe My Neighbor 

 April 17-23  

The week of the 17th-23rd you'll get the apportunity to bless someone in your neghborhood. Pick up a gift card, whether it's a couple bucks for some coffee, movie tickets, or dinner to a nice restaurant, and give it to your neighbor! You can leave it on their doorstep or give it to them in person, but be sure to leave an encouraging note. We want to be apart of the experience, so take a picture of the giftcard on their doorstep and post it to social media with the hashtag #palmcanyonchurch.

March: MV Fire Department 

           March 27  

           On Easter Sunday, the fire department will be stopping by church for our giant Easter egg hunt!! Since they're coming by, we              figured we'd bless them by giving them a gift card for a night out with their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. We are collecting            money on Sundays, or throughout the week, to purchase them gift cards to different restaurants around town. We just want                them to know that what they do, and the sacrifice that they make, is very appreciated. We also want them to know that the                    church of Moreno Valley prays for them regularly. 

February: Pay it Forward 

           February 21-27    

           This month we're paying it forward! Throughout this week, buy someone's meal, or coffee, or maybe some groceries of        

           someone in line by you. We're loving others with no strings attached because Jesus' love has no strings attached.


January: Care packages 

           January 24 - 30    

           This month we're encouraging you to make care packages for the homeless. As a church, all week, we will bless the          

           homeless in our city! Here's a list of things you can pack in your bag:


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