What we'll be doing:

    Besides hanging out, doing some fun activities, having dinner, and snacking, we'll have three sessions throughout the evening: "Thrive" (thriving in every area of life with God first), a Relationship Panel, and "What does 'Purity' Mean?". We will be splitting the girls before our purity session into a middle school group and high school group to be age appropriate. 

      For the $10, girls will be served dinner, dessert, snacks, and breakfast. They'll get a Bloom Fest booklet, a gift, and their activities will covered for the evening. 

What to bring: 

     Sleeping bag, pillow, PJ's, any toiletries you may need, and whatever clothes you feel comfortable in for the evening (even if that is your PJ's). Since you're heading home at 8a, anything else you'd like to pack is optional. 

For the parents:

     Your girl(s) will have a blast at Bloom Fest. We would like you to know that we will be addressing sex during evening, but our highly trained staff of women will be addressing it with respect and with strong Biblical views. We want young women to know what God really has to say about sex and how to apply it to their lives. For more questions, call 951.247.2273.

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Palm Canyon Church

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