We're so glad that you are interested in becoming a Christ-Follower!

Becoming a Christ Follower is the greatest decision you will ever make.

What It's About.

Jesus came to earth, died on a cross, and was raised to life to forever forgive you from sin, make you alive, and bring you into eternal relationship with God. We have never done anything or will ever do anything to deserve it. He just did it because he loves you. He chose you. Becoming a Christ-Follower means that your eternal destiny is forever changed. Your eternity will be spent in heaven. 

How to Become A Christ-Follower


Perhaps you’ve felt unworthy because of your past. Perhaps you’ve thought good works and keeping rules is good enough. But God doesn't care about the past. He cares about the decision you make now to change your heart and change your life by stepping into this journey of follow Him. You won't be perfect at it- no one is. But we keep taking our next step to know Christ more and to be more like Him. All the while, God gives us grace to forgive our mistakes and wrong-doings.

So what do you need to do? There's no special words or special ritual. It's simply talking to God (just talk...he's listening) and telling Him that you're sorry for the wrong things you've done. That you want to step out of this life of sin and into this life of forgiveness and grace. Tell Him that you believe Jesus Christ is Lord and that through him and the cross he died on, you believe that you are forgiven. That you believe Jesus rose from the dead so that you too could rise again out of sin and live in the life that He has for you.


  • Confess your wrong-doings

  • Confess that Jesus died for your sins and rose again

  • Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. 

  • Ask Him to transform you


Maybe you're wondering "what's next"? We'd love to help! Start off with a Personal Spiritual Trainer. Meet with someone 1-on-1 over the course of 5 weeks and really find out what being a Christ-Follower means.

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