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Sundays @ 9:30a and 11:30a

(actual services at 9a & 11a)

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palm canyon church

"Palm Canyon Church exists to reach people far from perfect and teach them to follow Christ step by step."

palm canyon church

casual church...

come as you are

Service times:

Sundays - 9a & 11a


Office hours:

Tuesday-Friday - 10a - 5p


25550 Ironwood Ave.

Moreno Valley, CA 92557

"We believe in God the Father, in Christ the Son, the Holy Spirit, and that they are 3 in 1. We believe in the resurrection, that we will rise again, and in the name of Jesus. We believe In life eternal, the virgin birth, the saints communion, and in the Holy church"

-This I Believe by Hillsong

We're casual, so come as you are. We like our music engaging, heartfelt, and loud. The teaching is easy to understand, straight forward, and you'll walk away knowing how to apply it to your life. 

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Palm Canyon Church

Sundays 9a & 11a
25550 Ironwood Avenue, Moreno Valley, CA 92557 | Phone: 951.247.2273 | Fax: 951.243.1197 | mail@palmcanyon.org